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Gone Feral
Gone Feral Newquay's
Independant Surf Outlet for clothing. Board and wetsuit hire from as little as £5 a day
Gone Feral Watergate Bay



Tunnel Vision

Emoceanl Surf

Longboard House

North Shore

Ocean Magic

Boardwalk Surf

Fistral Surf co

Surfers Paradise


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A1 surf

Surfing Rules


Surfing Museum

Surf Videos


SURF LODGE Accommodation Newquay Cornwall



Reef Surf Lodge


Atlantic Heights

Reef Island

Rockit Surf Lodge

Airborne Lodge

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SURF SCHOOLS Newquay Cornwall


Reef Surf School

Dolphin Surf School

Blue Wings Surf School

Hibiscuss Surf School

King Surf School

Offshore Extreme

Westcoast Sufari

121 Surf Coach

Quicksilver Surf School

Bodyboarding Schools Newquay Cornwall

Rob Barber Bodyboarding

Adventure Newquay Cornwall

Lusty Glaze Adventure Centre Newquay Cornwall for surfing, coasteering, rock climbing, abseiling, kite boarding, mountain biking and much, much more. Activities and extreme sports to suit all ages and abilities.


Fishing Newquay Cornwall

Newquay Harbour Seals

Newquay Harbour Boatmens Association